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Eko Kaynak

Eko Welding Technologies
Eko Kaynak

    Welding Automation

    We have been carrying on to manufacturing welding automation machines since 2014. We are developing and working customer-focused.

    Robotics Applications

    It provides all requirements of our ındustry and machine manufacturer through engineering staff who can provide all of programming and technical support services

    High Technology

    Our company, which desires to take place in domestic and foreign markets as a number in developing market conditions, services by following the technology..

Company Profile

Eko Welding Machinery Automation Industry and Trade Limited Company was founded in 2014; its princible is to create value for our customers by using past work experiences and responding to expectations with quality and stability We are working with the principle of protecting our products and supporting our customers after sales. We have been achieving significant success to the national labor force by carrying out the production of equipment that has not been able to be produced in many domestic productions that were brought from abroad before.

Since the past years, it has been working on welding machines and welding automations and has been carrying on its classical technological systems with its own resources.

It is seen in the developing sectors today, there is a competition both quality and speed in production and manufacturing industry by using a state-of-the-art technological systems and newly developed products, We are honored to have contributed to the take our country part in this competition through Welding Machines and Welding Automation System applications and the production and R&D activities of the materials in this area.

Our company’s target is to improve our business with enlarging personel and platform for the purpose of manufacturing of equipmant and system which is our ındustry’s require.We are partner with many active manufacturer company in technical fields thanks to its growing product portfolio. We are aware of our responbility and are hoping that we can work together with you in coming processes and contribute to your successes