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Eko Kaynak

Eko Welding Technologies
Eko Kaynak

As an organisation; non-stop service thanks to technical support and training, providing innovative and superior quality products and services in the welding sector, constantly improving its employees and suppliers, using efficiently its own resources in accordance with response continuous, fast, efficient and solution-focused to customers requirements.

  • To improve our quality management system continuously,and to ensure that all units are implemented effectively and become a life style of quality
  • To reduce costs while increasing quality by improving the scope of quality management system process performance of all units.
  • To provide persistance of our customer’s satisfaction and be the best solution partner to our customers and project partners about innovative welding products and services
  • To provide professional development by supporting the studies and trainings that will strengthen the self-competencies and researcher side of our employees.
  • Based on quality product; to increase our qualified external suppliers that we consider as long term solution partners and to support the development of quality understandings of all our external suppliers
Accordince with these purposes; our aim is to be World brand in welding sector; fulfilling applicable conditions, including legal and regulatory requirements, establishing a team spirit on the basis of human dignity with our external suppliers and customers.

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