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Industrial robots are used in a wide range of fields. One of them is welding.Industrial robots, which are used as welding robots, perform the most accurate and trouble-free welding operations which are extremely difficult and require expertise.

Welding technology is used in every field of the industry. Although many different methods are used, the process sometimes involves a difficult or even dangerous process. At this point, the welding robot is activated and allows to work safely. Though the fields worked with welding robots in different sizes and specifications are narrow, successful results are obtained with the most suitable positioning. Thus, efficient solutions are produced in the direction of the required function. Welding and welding cutting operations may be done safely with the welding robot, and may also be done quickly and efficiently during the production process.The positioning of the material is also included in this calculation and it is ensured that it is harmonised with the welding robot.
Resource robot usage is an efficient and accurate solution for virtually any organization, from small and medium enterprises to large industrial enterprises.The best definition of the need for the resource robot during the budgeting phase matters.The determination of the need by analysis result in accordance with the work carried out in the company reduces the cost of the welding robot and ensures the most efficient results.Given the welding made using the robot, this system contains includes welding-quality parts that can be repeated up to 1.5 times The diameter of the welding wire used.If the parts are not reproducible in this range, a touch sensor or a seam tracker or arc sensor will be required.Any deviations that may able to occur depending on error in the production of the workpiece ,temperature stress etc. while following weld line constant through arch sensor can be fixed. With the aid of the touch sensor ; it is possible way to fix the defect, heat stress etc that occurs in the production of the work piece while following the continuous welding line..

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Another important step in choosing a robot system is selecting the right welding process and application equipment.The selection of the weld process will affect the weld appearance, weld width, feed rate, production capacity and part quality.Similar processes with manual welding sometimes may not be carried out by the robot system. A welder can do it while a robot is adjusting between pieces.A robot is usually able to weld two or even four times faster than a welder and will work with constant results.As a result, it is necessary to decide which type of components should be welded with the robotic welding system.If your piece list is too large, it will lead you to a very high-cost robotic source system. Hence it should be tried to focus on the key parts from within the given family of parts.This will also relieve the manufacturer in the finanalising of the robot system.It is necessary to make an optimum choice considering the financial life of the system between the cost of the system to be re-created and the cost of system to be added to simply system. Deciding to buy a robot system will depend on many factors.

These are;

  • Robot experience
  • Labor Force
  • Budget
  • The required system performance level
Naturallyi the system needs for more work means a lot of cost. But to meet individual needs there are ways to balance risk, manpower, cost and performance.You can call us to get the right solution for your business and get information about our welding robot solutions.