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Eko Kaynak

Eko Welding Technologies

It is to be leading company based on continuous development basis, adopting production as a princible, focusing on customer's requirement, producing innovative welding automation and robot systems, projects and machines that wiIll increase the production capacity and speed of the companies producing welding.


“Our princibal in manufacturing field is based on customer's satisfaction and improvement of production continuously. We manufacture special purpose computer by being coupled submerged / Mig / Mag / Tig welding systems to welding automation systems which is our main production area. We produce machines with high quality standards by constantly innovating with R&D work. The customer satisfaction is prioritised by fulfilling as soon as possible assembly, staff training, troubleshooting, spare parts and problems, as well as after sales and thanks to the experienced team, our company which determines the demands of the pre-sales customer in place, completely and in time.

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